“Gotham” Rises

gothamThe only glimmer of hope on FOX, Gotham, continued to put up solid numbers.  The latest episode averaged 6.63 million viewers and 2.4 A18-49, up two tenths from one week ago.  Gotham has been performing very well for the struggling FOX.  Gotham also tied The Blacklist for the highest rated drama on the night (and that show didn’t lead off the night).

Another week, another impressive hold for CBS’ Scorpion, which garnered 10.34 million viewers and 2.2 A18-49, down a tenth from last week.  Colored me surprised to see how well Scorpion has performed this season.  CBS should really be protecting it better (ahem, leaving Big Bang on Mondays).  Growth from The Millers was impressive once again this week (6.78 million / 1.6 demo).

jane-the-virgin-key-artWeek four of Jane the Virgin held with last weeks low, scoring 1.01 million viewers and 0.4 A18-49.  The year-to-year growth continues to be a positive.  Not much else to say though.

“Scorpion” and “Gotham” Slip

Scorpion_(TV_Series)Week six of Scorpion notched 10.39 million viewers and 2.3 A18-49, down only a tenth from last week.  Perhaps what makes the performance from Scorpion impressive is the growth of six tenths (!) from its The Millers (6.94 million / 1.7 demo) lead in.  Yesterdays full season order announcement was certainly the correct call by CBS.

On FOX, a new episode of Gotham continued its string of solid performances, averaging 5.89 million viewers and 2.2 A18-49, down two tenths from last week.  Again, it is not a huge show for FOX, but it is keeping the lights on.

jane-the-virgin-key-artFinally, week three of Jane the Virgin slipped from last week to 1.09 million viewers and 0.4 A18-49, down a tenth from last week.  What started as a promising drama is quickly becoming a possible problem for The CW.  If Jane the Virgin slips below 1 million viewers next week, yikes.

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“Jane the Virgin” Solid in Week Two

jane-the-virgin-key-art(EDIT: In finals, Jane the Virgin adjusted down, notching 1.36 million viewers and 0.5 A18-49 – still, enough for its full season order). Week two of CW’s Jane the Virgin surprised everyone, jumping in week two to 1.78 million viewers and 0.7 A18-49up a tenth from last weeks okay debut.  Again, the numbers are not huge, but they are an improvement over past Monday occupants, and the growth is very positive.  The surprise (hit?) of the season appears to be Jane the Virgin.

A new episode of Scorpion held up week-to-week with 10.75 million viewers and 2.4 A18-49, even with last week despite its lead in switch (The Millers began last night – in an ugly performance, 2.1 demo).  Growth from The Millers was 18 percent among total viewers and two tenths in the demo.  If CBS wanted more good news, Scorpion tied The Blacklist for highest-rated drama last night.  Wow!  This should be more than enough reason to order a full season for Scorpion.

gothamFinally, week five of Gotham slipped to 6.09 million viewers and 2.3 A18-49, down another tenth from last week.  Despite the slippage, Gotham is one of the few bright spots on the FOX schedule.

Updated with finals 10/22.

“Jane the Virgin” Solid in Debut

The second series premiere on The CW this season was less positive than the first, but still, it was mostly positive for the growing network.

jane-the-virgin-key-artThe series premiere of Jane the Virgin debuted to 1.61million viewers and 0.6 A18-49.  The number sounds small, but it is the best viewership in the timeslot since February 23, 2012, and best demo delivery since the series finale of Gossip Girl in December 2012.  In addition, Jane the Virgin grew out of The Originals in total viewers, jumping 22%, and demonstrated 86% retention in the demo.  The two shows obviously share very little with each other, but the night was a winner for The CW.

Meanwhile, a new episode of Scorpion garnered 11.51 million viewers and 2.4 A18-49, down only a tenth from last weeks episode.  The show has yet to snag a full season order.  If I had to guess, CBS is waiting until 2 Broke Girls and The Millers enter the 8 o’clock hour to see if it harms Scorpion.  Still, I think Scorpion is a winner and CBS has to protect it for at least a season.

gothamOver at FOX, just renewed Gotham notched 6.39 million viewers and 2.4 A18-49, also down a tenth from last weeks episode.  Look for Gotham to remain in this timeslot for remainder of the season.

Updated with finals 10/14.

“Gotham” Snags Full Season Order; “American Horror Story” Renewed

gothamAhead of tonight’s fourth episode, FOX has given Batman-prequel, Gotham, a full season order.  The initial order for Gotham was set at 16 episodes.  Given the state of FOX, however, the network decided to bump up the order to a full 22 episodes.

The most recent episode of Gotham scored 6.36 million viewers and 2.5 A18-49 demo.  In addition, it ranks as one of the top DVR’ed shows on television.  In just released data, the series premiere of Gotham jumped from an initial 3.3 A18-49 to 6.0 A18-49, a rise of 82%.

freakshowOn the cable side of things, FX has announced a fifth season renewal for hit anthology series, American Horror Story.  The fifth season order comes a few days after the fourth season, Freak Show, notched the shows largest numbers ever (6 million viewers / 3.1 A18-49 demo) in its season debut.

The fifth season is expected to launch next fall, as has been the pattern for the past four seasons.  Also similar to past seasons, the fifth season will consist of 13 episodes.