“Madam Secretary” Jumps, “Mulaney” Done?

Madam-Secretary-1-779x400Last nights new episode of Madam Secretary, which started at 9:02 EST, pulled in 13.21 million viewers and 1.8 A18-49, up three tenths from last weeks episode. Retention from the NFL-inflated 60 Minutes (full hour to hour) was 74% among total viewers and 53% in the demo.  The bigger lead in certainly helped this week, but to see Madam Secretary score its second best performance yet is encouraging.  Again, since the show started late, numbers are expected to change in finals (update: numbers held in finals).

mulaneyHave we seen the last of Mulaney?  Back from its World Series hiatus, the new episode notched 1.63 million viewers and 0.7 A18-49, down three tenth from its most recent episode.  Not only were the numbers minuscule, but so was the retention from a REPEAT of Family Guy – 65% in total viewers and 58% in the demo.  ABC announced the cancellation of Manhattan Love Story when it hit an 0.7 demo, and NBC will pull the plug on A to Z after 13 episodes –  with the announcement coming after it hit an 0.7 last week.  Will Mulaney follow suit?

CBS Gives Full Season Order to Four Dramas

CBS-Logo-e1331750370386A week after The CW gave full season orders to both of its new dramas, CBS is doing the same.

The network announced Madam SecretaryNCIS: New OrleansScorpion, and Stalker have been given full season orders.  The first three dramas have been given 22 episode orders, although the episode order for Stalker is unclear at this point.

Scorpion has been the surprise of the season.  Predicted to be one of the first cancellations of the season by many, it has done well on Mondays at 9.  In its most recent episode, Scorpion was watched by well over 10 million viewers and notched a 2.4 demo – growing from its The Millers lead in.

Madam Secretary and NCIS: New Oreleans have been older-skewing dramas, but have still done very well.  Madam Secretary scored another 1.5 demo this past Sunday, and nearly 12 million viewers.  NCIS: New Orleans had its second highest-rated episode on Tuesday, and held onto nearly 100% of its NCIS lead in.

The only surprise of the group is Stalker, which has done OK on Wednesdays.  The biggest positive about Stalker is the 1.7 demo it has achieved for its last three airings.  Stability is better than falling these days.

“Madam Secretary” Even Week-to-Week

Madam-Secretary-1-779x400Thanks to the NFL overrun earlier in the night, Madam Secretary was even from last weeks performance. The latest episode brought in 11.71 million viewers and 1.5 A18-49. This may not look like a big performance, but Madam Secretary has been very steady since week two. I predict it will be given a full season order. As for a second season, that’s a game of wait and see.

It should be noted Madam Secretary started around 9 o’clock because of the NFL and final numbers could change.

Updated with finals.

“Madam Secretary” Inches Up

Madam-Secretary-1-779x400Week five of Madam Secretary scored 12.28 million viewers and 1.5 A18-49, up a tenth from last weeks episode episode. Keep in mind, however, CBS started later in some markets, so there could be adjustments in finals (edit: it adjusted up the 1.5 in finals). The stability of Madam Secretary is probably enough for it to secure a full season order.

mulaneyMeanwhile, week three of Mulaney dropped from last week, despite its lead in jumping nearly a full demo point. The latest episode notched 2.25 million viewers and 1.0 A18-49, displaying retention of 47% and 40%, respectively, from Family Guy.  In case you missed it, FOX cut the episode order for Mulaney from 16 to 13 episodes. Production on episode 13 just wrapped, so don’t expect anymore episodes to be filmed.

Updated with finals 10/22

“Madam Secretary” Stable, “Mulaney” Up From Debut

Madam-Secretary-1-779x400In its fourth week on the air, Madam Secretary has stabilized, pulling in 11.45 million viewers and 1.4 A18-49.  Despite losing the NFL overrun this week (compared to last), Madam Secretary was down only a tenth in the demo.  The older-skewing drama was also even from week two, the last time it aired without the NFL overrun.  While the show may skew incredibly old, I expect CBS to give Madam Secretary a full season order any day now.

mulaneyOver at FOX, week two of Mulaney was a bit more positive than last weeks horrific debut with 2.19 million viewers and 1.1 A18-49, up a tenth from last week.  What we have to keep in mind here, however, is that FOX benefited from the NFL overrun this week.  In addition, Mulaney‘s lead in last night was a repeat of Family Guy (why a repeat already??).  Retention from the Family Guy repeat was only 65% in the demo – yikes!  How many weeks until Mulaney is finally pulled from the schedule?