“Gotham” and “Scorpion” Hold Well in Week Two

In week two, FOX and CBS both breathed a sigh of relief of their two Monday night series.

gothamFollowing a strong start last week, Gotham attracted 7.45 million viewers and 2.8 A18-49.  Compared to its week-ago premiere, Gotham was down four tenths.  Many were expecting this to to the route of Agents of Shield, so a four tenth drop is pretty positive.  Also, given how poorly FOX has performed across the rest of its schedule, Gotham is a big relief for FOX, and it appears to be holding.

Scorpion_(TV_Series)Perhaps even more impressive than Gotham is how well Scorpion performed in week two.  The newest episode scored 13.36 million viewers and 3.1 A18-49, which is down ONE TENTH from last weeks debut.  What makes the slight drop for Scorpion all the more impressive is the loss of a new episode of The Big Bang Theory at 830 in favor of a repeat episode.  In addition, Scorpion held onto 100% of demographic audience from The Big Bang Theory repeat.  CBS will continue pushing Scorpion, as it appears for now they have something working with their Monday lineup.

NCIS_Los_Angeles_1.svgMeanwhile, the timeslot debut of NCIS: Los Angeles struggled in its new home.  9.4 million viewers and 1.9 A18-49 tuned in for the new season premiere.  That was only good enough for third place, behind both The Blacklist (2.8 demo) and Castle (2.2 demo).  CBS was certainly hoping for better results with an established drama.  Retention from Scorpion was only 71% among total viewers and 61% in the demo.  Compared to last weeks season finale of Under the DomeNCIS: Los Angeles was up only a tenth.

Updated with final numbers on 10/1 at 12:15AM

Which Returning Dramas Will Return Next Season?

There are 37 returning dramas this season, up five from last season.  CBS leads the pack with ten, ABC and CW follow up with eight each, NBC is close with seven, and FOX is far behind with four returning dramas.  Two dramas, Glee and Parenthood, have already been announced as heading into their final season.  That means a whopping 35 returning dramas have their fates left up in the air.  This is the first year I’ve decided to tackle all the returning dramas.

agents of shieldWhile far from a breakout hit, Agents of Shield put up respectable numbers throughout last season.  This year, its on the move to the tentpole 9 o’clock hour.  In addition to the original series, ABC has a spinoff in the works for mid-season (Agents of Carter).  Barring any major collapse, there is no reason to believe Agents of Shield is done just yet.
Chances of Returning: 100%

castleWhen it debuted in 2009, I didn’t think Castle would be around in 2014 for its seventh season.  ABC has had quite a tough time finding new pieces to its lineup, so the average (and steady) Castle has remained on the schedule.  I don’t see Castle coming to an end just yet, but it’ll likely wrap-up within the next two or three seasons.
Chances of Returning: 90%

GreysS8MainCastCan you believe Grey’s Anatomy is heading into its eleventh season?  It seems almost impossible that the serial medical drama has been able to last that long.  The series recently lost one of its original cast members (Sandra Oh), but that really hasn’t hurt Grey’s Anatomy in the past.  If anything, the move the 8 o’clock timeslot will dent Grey’s Anatomy a few tenths.  With rising costs, Grey’s Anatomy is going to have to end soon.  I’m thinking that means at least one more season after this one.
Chances of Returning: 90%

nashvillABC Studios owns Nashville, along with Lionsgate TV, which may be one of the main reasons the drama has been able to squeak by with low ratings (the music sales help too).  Nashville was one of the final renewals of the past season, and a lot of it had to do with costs.  Negotiations came down to the wire, with ABC scoring an incentive package with the state of Tennessee to keep the series in Nashville.  That helped bring the cost down by about $8 million dollars.  If ratings continue to slip, and ABC can’t find another tax break, the odds become stacked against Nashville.  It seems like too much to ask from a low-rated series.
Chances of Returning: 35%

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