CBS Gives Full Season Order to Four Dramas

CBS-Logo-e1331750370386A week after The CW gave full season orders to both of its new dramas, CBS is doing the same.

The network announced Madam SecretaryNCIS: New OrleansScorpion, and Stalker have been given full season orders.  The first three dramas have been given 22 episode orders, although the episode order for Stalker is unclear at this point.

Scorpion has been the surprise of the season.  Predicted to be one of the first cancellations of the season by many, it has done well on Mondays at 9.  In its most recent episode, Scorpion was watched by well over 10 million viewers and notched a 2.4 demo – growing from its The Millers lead in.

Madam Secretary and NCIS: New Oreleans have been older-skewing dramas, but have still done very well.  Madam Secretary scored another 1.5 demo this past Sunday, and nearly 12 million viewers.  NCIS: New Orleans had its second highest-rated episode on Tuesday, and held onto nearly 100% of its NCIS lead in.

The only surprise of the group is Stalker, which has done OK on Wednesdays.  The biggest positive about Stalker is the 1.7 demo it has achieved for its last three airings.  Stability is better than falling these days.


2 thoughts on “CBS Gives Full Season Order to Four Dramas

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