“The McCarthys” Weak in Debut

CBS-The-McCarthys_article_story_largeCBS debuted its only new comedy of the fall, and it was not pretty.  The series premiere of The McCarthys kicked off its run with 8.78 million viewers and 1.7 A18-49.  Retention from Two and a Half Men (11.02 million and 2.4 A18-49) was a 80% among total viewers and 71% in the demo.  According to a number of publications, this was the lowest series premiere for a comedy in network history.  Needless to say, Mike and Molly may be coming back sooner than we thought.

The other exciting ratings news from CBS is Mom.  It aired its second season premiere last night, getting a new episode of The Big Bang Theory as a lead in for the first time.   Its season debut brought in 10.56 million viewers and 2.5 A18-49.  It is not a great performance, but it really is not horrible either.  Retention was underwhelming, at 72% in total viewers and 61% in the demo.  It was, however, an improvement over what The Millers had been doing.

a-to-zIt looks like we may soon have our second cancellation of the season.  A new episode of A to Z fell to a new series low of 2.56 million viewers and 0.7 A18-49down another two tenths from last week.  Given its low number, I cannot see NBC sticking around for much longer.  As for its lead inBad Judge, things were not much better: 3.96 million viewers and 0.9 A18-49.  Those numbers are pretty ugly too, but I don’t see NBC moving it just yet.

ABC took a slight hit with How to Get Away with Murder.  Following Scandal, the freshman drama averaged 8.52 million viewers and 2.7 A18-49, down three tenth from last weeks episode.  Still, despite the three tenth loss, a 2.7 demo is very impressive for a 10 o’clock drama.  Retention from the aforementioned Scandal was 93% among total viewers and 87% in the demo.

The only other new show on the night was Gracepoint.  It held with its number from last week, notching 3.34 million viewers and 0.8 A18-49.  Not much else to say.

NBC’s “Bad Judge” Falls

bad judgeNo new show took a bigger fall this week than Bad Judge.  Episode four garnered 4.39 million viewers and 1.0 A18-49, down two more tenths from last week (and it’s biggest week-to-week drop yet).  Retention from The Biggest Loser was a solid 93 percent among total viewers and 83 percent in the demo.  As I have said numerous times already though, Bad Judge is simply a timeslot holder until The Blacklist comes to the night.  Same goes for A to Z.

Speaking of which, A to Z dipped another tenth from last week to 3.13 million viewers and 0.9 A18-49.  Nothing more really can be said here.

FOX is breathing a small sigh of relief this morning.  Major dud Gracepoint failed to drop to a new low, despite its Bones lead in being a repeat.  The latest episode notched 3.52 million viewers and 0.8 A18-49, completely even with last week.  Six episodes left FOX.  Just keep telling yourself!

how-to-get-awayThen there was FINALLY some good news for a new show on the night.  ABC’s breakout drama, How to Get Away with Murder jumped from last weeks low to 9.97 million viewers and 3.0 A18-49.  Compared to last week, Murder was up two tenths – pretty impressive.  As has been the case for most of the season, How to Get Away with Murder held 100 percent of Scandal‘s demographic performance, and impressive 99.89 percent of the total audience.  Sorry you only get 15 episodes, ABC.

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Everything Down Week-to-Week

bad judgeAfter displaying 100% retention from its premiere to second episode, Bad Judge took a slight hit last night, attracting 4.68 million viewers and 1.2 A18-49, down only 8% from last week.  Unlike last week, however, Bad Judge fell from its Biggest Loser lead in by slim margins in the demo (around 8 percent), while holding the viewership.

The third episode of A to Z held at 3.37 million viewers and 1.0 A18-49, even in the 18-49 demo from last week.  Still, the numbers are too low for NBC to consider ordering anymore episodes.  If I had to guess, NBC will let all 13 episodes air before The Blacklist enters the night.

gracepointMeanwhile, the bad news over at FOX continued yet again.  The third week of Gracepoint dropped another tenth to 3.70 million viewers and 0.8 A18-49.  Retention from Bones was 56% among total viewers and 47% in the demo.  While I realize only seven episodes remain, FOX should consider shifting Gracepoint to Fridays and giving the Bones lead in to some other show (maybe Red Band Society, if FOX is bent on keeping it).

Finally, ABC’s Thank God It’s Thursday lineup continued to tick down week-to-week.  The latest episode of How to Get Away with Murder slipped below the 3.0 demo mark for the first time this week.  Notching 9.79 million viewers and 2.8 A18-49, How to Get Away with Murder fell 10% week-to-week, and did not grow out of Scandal this week.  This begs the question, when will How to Get Away with Murder finally stabilize?

“Bad Judge” Even with Premiere, Everything Else Down

It was not a good night for two of the freshman offerings, but one surprised, and another continued its stellar first season.

bad judgeWeek two of Bad Judge was the surprise of the night with 5.24 million viewers and 1.3 A18-49.  How is that surprising?  Bad Judge held onto 100% of its week-ago premiere numbers, despite The Biggest Loser (its lead in) falling a tenth week-to-week.  Not many shows hold steady in week two, especially when their lead in is down.  These numbers are weak, but if Bad Judge can hold again next week, NBC may have to give the comedy a better timeslot.

While Bad Judge held from last week, its lead out was not so lucky.  A new episode of A to Z fell to 3.63 million viewers and 1.0 A18-49, shedding one million viewers and slipping two tenths.  The numbers a week ago were bad, and this week they are even worse.  NBC will likely stick with A to Z for its entire 13 episodes, since The Blacklist is already scheduled to take over the timeslot in February.

how-to-get-awayBreakout freshman drama, How to Get Away with Murder attracted 10.81 million viewers and 3.1 A18-49 in its third week on the air.  Down only three tenths from the previous week, it appears the bleeding is coming to an end.  Another positive note for How to Get Away with Murder is the growth in total viewers and the demo from Scandal (one tenth in the demo, 1.29 million viewers).  The hit drama was also given a full season order of 15 episodes on Wednesday evening.

Finally, the bad news at FOX keeps on coming.  The second week of Gracepoint dropped from its already low debut to 3.80 million viewers and 0.9 A18-49.  Eight episodes remain, so I cannot see FOX pulling the plug, unless the show falls double-digits again next week.

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ABC Gives Full Season Orders to Two Series

We have our first full season orders of the season!

blackishABC announced today that breakout drama, How to Get Away with Murder, and the number one new comedy of the season, Black-ish, would be given full season orders.  The “full season order” for How to Get Away with Murder is for 15 episodes, a two episode extension from the original order.  Black-ish received the typical 22 episode order.

In its first two weeks, How to Get Away with Murder is averaging a massive 13.24 million viewers and 3.6 A18-49.  That is far and away the biggest new drama of the season.

Through three episodes, Black-ish is averaging 9.2 million viewers and 2.9 A18-49. After suffering a drop of 21% in week two, Black-ish ticked up three tenths this week.