“Red Band Society” Returns After Two Weeks

red-band-society-titleAfter two weeks off the air, Red Band Society returned with 2.87 million viewers and 0.9 A18-49, down a tenth from its most recent episode.  Retention from Hell’s Kitchen was 81% among total viewers and 69% in the demo.  Only a handful of episodes left, and Red Band Society is off of FOX’s list of problems.

A new episode of Stalker brought in 7.28 million viewers and 1.5 A18-49, even with last weeks prelims, but down a tenth from finals.  What makes this performance look a bit better than last week was the slightly increased retention from Criminal Minds (78% this week vs. 70% last week).  Still, CBS can do much better in the timeslot.

mysteries of lauraOlder-skewing The Mysteries of Laura continued to bring in the viewers, scoring 7.76 million viewers and 1.2 A18-49, even with last week.  NBC already gave the show a full season order, so it will be interesting to see what happens with a second season.  We will, of course, have to wait until May for that answer.

“Black-ish” Up vs. World Series

blackishDespite a strong showing from Game 7 of the World Series, ABC’s Black-ish was able to grow from last week.  The latest episode scored 7.67 million viewers and 2.7 A18-49, up three tenths from last weeks episode.  What makes the growth even more impressive is the fact its lead in, Modern Family, was up only a tenth week-to-week.   Retention from Modern Family was 77% in both total viewers and the demo.  All in all, a very good showing for Black-ish.

After three straight weeks of 1.7 demos, Stalker fell to a series low 7.36 million viewers and 1.6 A18-49, down a tenth from last week.  The show tied Nasvhille for first in the hour, something CBS probably didn’t expect when they ordered a full season (update: in finals, Nashville fell a tenth in finals, and Stalker rose, so the difference was two tenths; 1.6 vs. 1.4 demo).  Retention from Criminal Minds was an okay 70% in both total viewers and the demo.

mysteries of lauraThe other show to hit a series low last night was The Mysteries of Laura, which was also just rewarded with a full season order.  Wednesdays episode notched 7.49 million viewers and 1.2 A18-49, down a tenth from last week.  For some reason, NBC showed repeats of SVU and Chicago PD, but decided to air a new episode of Laura…strange.

In addition, Game 7 averaged 23.52 million viewers and 6.6 A18-49, the highest performance for a World Series game since 2011.

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NBC Gives Full Season to “Mysteries of Laura”

After allowing CW and CBS to take in some of the glory of full season orders, NBC is doing the same.  Unlike CW and CBS, however, NBC is handing out a full season to only one series: The Mysteries of Laura.

mysteries of lauraDebuting as the first drama of the season behind America’s Got Talent, The Mysteries of Laura did well with 10.2 million viewers and 2.0 A18-49.  When it moved to its official Wednesday 8 o’clock timeslot, many believed it would die quickly (including myself).  That was not the case.  Despite an older skew, The Mysteries of Laura has averaged between 8 and 9 million viewers the last four episodes.  It has also helped Law and Order: SVU score some of its more impressive performances, at least in total viewers.

NBC has ordered an additional nine episodes, bringing its first season total to 22 episodes.

“Stalker” Falls, “Black-ish” Up

Stalker_logoWeek two of Stalker fell to 8.17 million viewers and 1.7 A18-49.  Compared to last weeks already disappointing debut, Stalker was down 15% in the demo.  What I thought would be one of the more compatible pairings of the season, Stalker has dropped the ball.  Retention out of Criminal Minds was 78% among total viewers and 74% in the demo.  In addition, Stalker is down from what CSI had been doing in the timeslot (although Stalker did win its timeslot).  If Stalker does not tick up next week, or at least stabilize, CBS may start looking for a new timeslot holder come midseason.

Meanwhile, week three of Black-ish was much more positive than last weeks 21% drop.  The latest episode averaged 8.28 million viewers and 2.9 A18-49, UP THREE TENTHS from last weeks episode.  Retention out of Modern Family was a series high 78% among total viewers and 81% in the demo.  It should be noted this is the first time the retention in the demo has surpassed the retention for viewership.  It looks like ABC finally solved their post-Modern Family problem.  EDIT: Black-ish has been given a full season order.

mysteries of lauraOver at NBC, episode four of The Mysteries of Laura notched 8.69 million viewers and 1.3 A18-49.  Versus’ last weeks performance, The Mysteries of Laura was virtually even in total viewers, while dropping two tenths.  Last week it looked like Laura may have earned a full season order, but this latest drop likely decreases those chances.

And finally, after stopping the bleeding last week, Red Band Society slipped to a new low – 2.91 million viewers and 0.9 A18-49, down 19% (or two tenths) from last week.  Given how bad the rest of the FOX lineup is performing, Red Band Society will stay on the air for all 13 episodes, but anything past that is unlikely.

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“Stalker” Disappoints, “Black-ish” Falls, and More!

It was a busy Wednesday night, with each network getting in on the action.  CBS had the debut of Stalker, ABC aired week two of Black-ish, the third episode of The Mysteries of Laura aired on NBC, and FOX aired a new episode of Red Band Society.

Stalker_logoThe series premiere of Stalker debuted to 9.05 million viewers and 2.0 A18-49.  Similar to the debut of NCIS: New Orleans, this is an okay start (it won its timeslot), but kind of disappointing (only tied CSI from one year ago).  Retention out of Criminal Minds (11.65 million viewers / 2.7 A18-49) was only 77% among total viewers and 74% in the 18-49 demo.  Given most shows drop 10-20% in week two, CBS may have to look for a new timeslot holder soon, or hope that Stalker holds strong.

Over at ABC, week two of Black-ish was a lot less promising this week, but still solid with 8.29 million viewers and 2.6 A18-49.  Compared to its premiere one week earlier, Black-ish was down 21% in the 18-49 demographic and 26% in total viewers.  Retention out of Modern Family was 79% among total viewers and 70% in the demo.

The Mysteries of Laura continues to surprise, notching 8.98 million viewers and 1.5 A18-49 demo.  While The Mysteries of Laura may not be a demo magnet, its total viewership is quite strong.  Whether or not NBC values that remains to be seen.  Versus’ last week, The Mysteries of Laura was down 11% in total viewers and even in the demographic.

red-band-society-titleFinally, over at FOX, the bleeding appears to have stopped for Red Band Society.  The latest episode attracted 3.33 million viewers and 1.1 A18-49 demo, even with last weeks performance.  Retention did decrease from last week; however, holding onto 79% of the demographic audience from Hell’s Kitchen.  Red Band Society is still heading toward cancellation, but appears it will remain on the schedule for all 13 episodes.

Updated with final numbers 10/2 at 958pm.