A Note to My Readers

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed, there hasn’t been much activity on the site in a few days.  I would like to take some time to explain why the site has been inactive, and what you can look forward to on Tonight on TV in the future.

When I started this blog, it was my intention to make this a place for renewals, cancellations, and predictions.  September rolled around, and  I added daily ratings to the list of features.  Tonight on TV became a daily go-to site for a number of people.  Site traffic exceeded my highest expectations, with October becoming the most-visited month since moving to wordpress.

Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, my work and day-to-day life has gotten in the way of taking Tonight on TV to further heights.

There was also another issue at hand.

When I first started discussing television on the internet many years ago (perhaps around 2007),  it was on PIFeedback (now TV Media Insights). I truly loved everything about the forums and wanted to do more.  Around 2009/2010, I  decided to start my own blog to share my thoughts with others.  I would have complete control of the content and post anything I wanted.  It was a real joy for me over the past few years.

Over time, however, posting about television, specifically on a blog, has become a daily chore instead of a passion.  I no longer have the time to visit TV Media Insights as much as I would like to and have to put all of my energy into the blog.

With my time becoming more limited, and my feelings toward the blog as a whole changing, I have an announcement to make.  Effective immediately, I will no longer be posting renewals, cancellations, or daily ratings on the site.  I wish to discuss that information with others on a forum platform.  TV Media Insights is like a second home for me on the Internet.  Anytime I have online, I want to spend it on there – not here.

There is, however, one feature I will continue to post on Tonight on TV: ‘Chances of New Series’.  It is one of my favorite features, and a favorite among my readers (those posts command the highest clicks on the site).  The site will also continue to have special features during May upfronts.

This is not the end of Tonight on TV, just a new chapter.

– RJ (yankeesrj12)


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