Ratings for “Gotham”, “Scorpion”, and “Forever”

Last night was a busy night, with every network getting in on the action (except the CW).

gothamThe series premiere of Gotham captured 8.21 million viewers and 3.2 A18-49 demo.  This is a very good start for Gotham, and one that FOX desperately needed.  With the rest of the lineup cratering around them, Gotham is one of the lone bright spots.  Now the question becomes, is Gotham going to hold, or suffer the major week two loses that many of these series’ experience?


Over at CBS, the series debut of Scorpion notched 13.83 million viewers and 3.2 A18-49 demo.  Given it had the lead in of the special one hour premiere (two episodes) of The Big Bang Theory, an inflated premiere number was expected.  It will be interesting to watch where Scorpion settles once Mom inherits the 830 timeslot next week, and in a few weeks, when 2 Broke Girls returns.  Still, this is a positive start for Scorpion.

foreverFinally, ABC brought us the special preview of Forever, which attracted 8.59 million viewers and 1.7 A18-49 demo. The debut of Forever was below many comparable episodes of Castle last season, so that has to be a worry for ABC.  Unlike most shows where we have to wait a week to find out how it’ll perform, a new episode of Forever is on tonight, it its regular Tuesday 10 o’clock timeslot.  If the numbers get really ugly, Forever may be one of the first cancellations of the season. Update: Interestingly, Forever took a nice upswing in the finals, going from 1.5 to 1.7.  While a 1.7 is still unimpressive, it may not be as bad as we originally thought for Forever.

Updated at 815pm with final numbers.


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