Two Series Renewed, One Cancelled

Earlier today, ABC Family cancelled one series while renewing another, and HBO renewed a freshmen drama.

SwitchedAtBirthIntertitleSwitched at Birth, which is currently in its third season, has been renewed for a fourth.  Through nine episodes this summer (11 aired during the regular season) Switched at Birth has averaged 1.42 million viewers.  Once its third season is finished airing, this coming Monday, 71 episodes will have aired.  No word yet on how many episodes have been announced for the fourth season.

In addition to renewing Switched at Birth, ABC Family has cancelled Twisted.  The series aired for one season, consisting of 19 episodes.  During its sole season, Twisted averaged 1.31 million viewers.  That number may look solid, but the show lost viewers as the season progressed.  It began with 1.61 million viewers (for its official premiere, not special preview) and finished with a mere 770,000 viewers.  The season finale figure is one of the lowest, if not the lowest, for a drama on ABC Family in recent memory.

No word yet on the fate of The FostersMystery Girls, or Young & Hungry.  Freshmen drama Chasing Life was given an additional ten episode order before its premiere, and Pretty Little Liars was renewed for two seasons in June.

The-LeftoversFinally, HBO has announced the renewal of The Leftovers.  Reviews have been fairly mixed since its debut, but the ratings are quite good.  In its first seven episodes, The Leftovers is amassing a solid 1.57 million viewers per episode.  Like the renewal for Switched at Birth above, no episode order for season two of The Leftovers has yet been announced.


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