CW Fall 2014 Schedule

TheCW_logolarge_960x540The CW kept most of their lineup in tact, including Wednesday and Thursday, which comes as a bit of a surprise.  After struggling on Monday nights for many years, The CW may have finally changed their fortunes, and The Flash gets a Tuesday night timeslot.  The CW will debut a total of two new dramas in the fall, with two new ones later in the year.

8 – The Originals (new night)
9 – Jane the Virgin (new drama)
Analysis: I predicted Supernatural would make the move here, so I’m a bit surprised to see The CW transform this night with The Originals.  The series has slumped in recent weeks and a move now could ding the show even more.  Still, it should be a nice improvement over the other series The CW has programmed here.  New drama Jane the Virgin  inherits the 9 o’clock timeslot.  I’m not entirely sure this kind of series will work here though, but The CW will give it some time to develop (as they usually do for their new series).

8 – The Flash (new drama)
9 – Supernatural
Analysis: 8 o’clock is typically the stronger hour on The CW (most likely because the local program lead ins are stronger than some of the actual network series), and because of that, The Flash should do alright for itself.  It also won’t have to deal with similar-appealing Agents of SHIELD at 8.  This should be a self-starter in the hour, similar to this seasons Originals.  A new season of Supernatural remains in its timeslot and should continue to do well.

8 – Arrow
9 – The 100
Analysis: The CW decided to keep this years midseason lineup intact instead of making changes.  If anything would have changed, it would have been The Flash replacing The 100.  I’m not entirely surprised The CW kept it the same though, as the lineup has done quite well in recent weeks.  Keeping this the same allows The CW to focus its efforts on Monday nights.

8 – The Vampire Diaries
9 – Reign
Analysis: Similar to Wednesday nights, The CW decided to make no changes here.  In addition, this will also be the first time that a freshmen drama, Reign, returns to the post-The Vampire Diaries in season two.  I have two guesses as to why The CW decided to give Reign extra support two years in a row.  The first deals with The Vampire Diaries itself.  The show has hit series lows in recent weeks and looks to be on the downward trend.  Does The CW think it can no longer launch a series?  The second reason is past history.  Each post-Vampire Diaries series has moved to a new timeslot during its sophomore season and has failed to catch on.  Beauty and the Beast was renewed, but still way down from when it aired on Thursday nights.  The CW may be giving Reign extra time to develop and find an audience.  Not a bad plan to leave Reign here, but they could have tried a new series yet again.

8 – Whose Line is it Anyway?
830 – Whose Line is it Anyway? (repeat)
9 – America’s Next Top Model
Analysis: The CW is mixing up the Friday lineup and going all reality, which is a good call.  Whose Line is it Anyway? has done respectable numbers on Friday nights, and last years edition of America’s Next Top Model performed okay.  The reality combo will; however, have to face more reality next year in The Amazing Race and Shark Tank.  Still, I think it will be an improvement over the scripted offerings the network has tried on the night.

Overall grade: B+


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