CBS Fall 2014 Schedule


Somebody pinch me.  Conservative scheduler-CBS surprised everyone this morning by making changes across the board on each of the six nights.  Among some of the highlights: The Big Bang Theory will air on Mondays during Thursday Night Football, and then move back to Thursdays, the Monday night comedy block is reduced to one hour, and The Amazing Race moves to a new night.

7 – 60 Minutes
8 – Madam Secretary (new drama)
9 – The Good Wife
10 –  CSI (new night)
CBS actually mixed up their Sunday lineup much more than I thought they would.  They seem to be going for a “higher income” lineup with new drama Madam Secretary and The Good Wife paired together.  Long-running CSI moves to the 10 o’clock timeslot, where it should hold up well for itself.  Not the greatest lineup, but it should be an improvement over what CBS has been offering the past few seasons.

8 – The Big Bang Theory (during football) / 2 Broke Girls (after football)
830 – Mom (new time)
9 – Scorpion (new drama)
10 – NCIS: Los Angeles (new night and time)
Analysis: The Big Bang Theory will not be off the air at all this fall, as Les Moonves said earlier this year.  2 Broke Girls will returns to its 8pm lead off spot once football is complete.  When football is on though, CBS will use televisions number one comedy to lead in to Mom.  I do like this move because Mom was one of the better comedies this season and it never really had a chance.  Hopefully this allows it to break-out, even if it is only seven weeks.  CBS abandons its two hour comedy block for the first time in decades and goes with new drama Scorpion at 9.  Risky move, but it could work.  As many predicted, NCIS: Los Angeles moves to 10pm, where CBS had a lot of trouble this season.  This should at least fix that problem.

8 – NCIS
9 – NCIS: New Orleans
10 – Person of Interest
Analysis: CBS will be protecting the newest NCIS series in the franchise by giving it the lead in of NCIS.  If it can’t succeed here, it won’t succeed anywhere else.  This is honestly the best lineup CBS could do here, so I can’t fault them for it.  The lineup should be about even with last year, even with NCIS: New Orleans joining.

8 – Survivor
9 – Criminal Minds
10 – Stalker (new drama)
Analysis: Many predicted this lineup would remain intact, but that is not the cast. Long-running Survivor and Criminal Minds remain in their timeslots, but CBS is going new at 10.  The new thriller Stalker takes over the timeslot CSI has held for the past few seasons.  I like that CBS is using Criminal Minds to launch a new series, and if anything, the two gel quite well.  I could see the Criminal Minds audience sticking around for Stalker.

THURSDAY (after football)
8 – The Big Bang Theory
830 – The Millers
9 – Two and a Half Men (final season)
930 – The McCarthys (new comedy)
10 – Elementary
Analysis: Sigh.  CBS had a chance to go big here, and they blew it.  The Big Bang Theory returns to its 8 o’clock home, leading into the worst comedy on television, The Millers, for the second straight season.  I’m really hoping once The Odd Couple is ready to go (it is re-casting at the moment), it takes over the timeslot.  Two and a Half Men will be on the air for one more season, as CBS officially announced it will end after twelve (!) seasons.  New comedy The McCarthys should do well for itself following Two and a Half Men, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it failing.  Elementary returns to 10 o’clock for the third season in a row.

8 – The Amazing Race (new night)
9 – Hawaii Five-0
10 – Blue Bloods
Analysis: One move I never thought would happen was The Amazing Race moving to a new night, especially Fridays.  CBS has had some luck with reality on Friday, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually did well for itself.  It could help the rest of the lineup rise in ratings too.  Who knows for sure?  The solid combination of Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods remain in tact.

Overall grade: B


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