Cancellation and Renewal Updates

I step away from the computer for only an hour and suddenly there are a ton of announcements!

nbc-community-logo-titleFirst up, NBC has cancelled long-running Community, sophomore Revolution, and freshman Growing Up Fisher.  In addition, NBC has pulled the plug on low-rated Sunday night dramas, Believe and Crisis.  I am a bit surprised to see NBC give up on Growing Up Fisher so soon, and cancel Community without a proper ending (even though the ratings have been bad for quite some time).  I guess #sixseasonsandamovie came up just a tad short.

suburgatoryThe other network making more announcements is ABC.  They have officially cancelled Super Fun Night (shocker!) and third year comedy, Suburgatory.  In the case of Subugatory, it looked like a long term player when it first premiered behind The Middle in 2011.  It was also given the lead in of Modern Family in season two.  Audiences quickly fled despite ABC trying to keep them around, and the series will end with 56 episodes.

Finally, ABC has also renewed America’s Funniest Home VideosThe Bachelor, and Shark Tank.


2 thoughts on “Cancellation and Renewal Updates

  1. It’s all about which hour you choose. Mine was earlier this morning, raking up detritus in my front yard. The only news that dropped then was The Neighbors.


    • (Should also mention that was a function of not wanting to be out there in 90 degree heat while NASCAR practice was running on FS1 inside.)


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