Welcome to Tonight on TV

pictureAfter a few weeks of discussing the pros and cons, I have decided to move Tonight on TV from Blogger to WordPress.  I have been on Blogger since 2009, but recently became displeased with a number of features on the site.  My best option was to move Tonight on TV to a new host, WordPress.

There are some visible changes, but most everything is the same.  Every post from my old blog is available on here, although the comments were not carried over.  All of the posts also have a share button, allowing you to share that specific post on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  You can also re-blog and like the post.  WordPress does not allow Disqus on their site, which may be the one downside I’ve found thus far.

Besides the actual post, most everything else needed to navigate Tonight on TV is on the right side of the page.  There you will find the archives, categories leading to each blog post, a link to my Twitter account, and a countdown to the next broadcast series debut.  On the top right of the page is the search bar.  Type in anything television related and see what you can discover here at Tonight on TV!  Finally, at the bottom of the page is my email address, in case you have any complaints or comments.  I may fidget with these over the next few days and any changes I make will be posted here on this post.

I hope everyone enjoys the new blog.  Any comments or criticisms can be made in the comment section below, through email, or on Twitter.

Thanks for coming, and welcome to the all new Tonight on TV.


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