CBS Sells Two Series Into Syndication

Two CBS series, Blue Bloods and Elementary, scored big syndication deals today.

Now in its fourth season, Blue Bloods will begin airing in syndication after May 2014.  The series has been sold to WGN America for cable syndication, ION for broadcast syndication, and a yet to be announced video on demand service.

Blue Bloods is currently in its fourth season and this past week scored its second best viewership ever (12.93 million viewers), only behind its series premiere.

Elementary, which snagged a syndication deal on WGN America last week, has also been sold to Hulu Plus.  Under the deal, Hulu Plus will get full access to entire seasons once they have completed airing on CBS.  Elementary is also expected to score a broadcast syndication deal sometime in the near future.  When all is said and done, CBS will reap close to $3 million dollars per episode for Elementary, according to Broadcasting and Cable.

Both syndication deals for Elementary will go into effect after the third season (September 2014-May 2015).


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