Hollywood Game Night: How Will It Do?

The fifth new series to debut on NBC (and fourth reality series) this summer is NBC’s Jane Lynch-hosted game show Hollywood Game Night.

The following information regarding Hollywood Game Night is for the premiere only.  My prediction for how the series will premiere, among total viewers and in the 18-49 demographic, is after the information presented below.

Today’s edition is abbreviated due to time constraints.  I apologize for the change.

Timeslot: Thursdays at 10/9c
New Competition: Four Weddings (TLC), Graceland (NBC), Rookie Blue (ABC), Sharknado (Syfy) Sullivan & Son (TBS), Swamp People (History), Wilfred (FX)
Analysis: There is a bit of competition in the hour, but nearly all of it is scripted, unlike Hollywood Game Night.  Since I believe there is little audience overlap, the competition should not be a problem.  If anything, the later hour, especially for a game show, may hurt the ratings.

Lead In: The Winner Is
Analysis: Airing behind The Voice nearly a month ago, the most recent episode totaled 6.68 million viewers and 1.9 A18-49, retention of about 52% in both measures.  It is safe to say the show will not bring those ratings to its timeslot, with maybe about half of the audience carrying over.  I assume The Winner Is will premiere in its new timeslot with 4.25-4.75 million viewers and 1.3-1.4 A18-49.

What does all of this mean?
How will Hollywood Game Night do?
I am surprised at how positive some of the reviews for the new series have been.  The concept is a bit unique, which could help Hollywood Game Night stand out from the crowd.  The lead in is certainly not the best, but at least NBC is not leaving it on an island struggling to survive all by itself.  With all of the information above, I believe Hollywood Game Night will premiere to 4.50 million viewers and 1.4 A18-49.  Those numbers would put it in close range of how Camp premiered and well ahead of Crossing Lines and Siberia.  Given the show is a game show, it can have ratings like this and most likely make it to another season.

How do you think Hollywood Game Night will premiere?  Sound off below!

Next show to be featured: Whose Line is it Anyway?


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