Update for My Readers!

Why the lack of posts?  I’ll explain below!

Sorry for not having any new posts lately, but I have a few explanations as to why.

The first?  Summer is a boring time for the television world.  The regular season is over and there are a lot of repeats.  Even with that, however, I plan on posting at least once a week.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t see any posts for a week or two though!  With a lot of big summer premieres coming later this month (Under the Dome, for example) I should have some interesting posts.

The second?  I started a new job and the hours of 630 to 3 have been rough for me.  I’m more of a night-owl and trying to adjust to the new (early) schedule has been a bit of a struggle.  I’m assuming once I get used to the hours, I will have more time.  Until then, posts will be limited.


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