CW’s Fall 2013 Schedule

The CW’s fall 2013 schedule is below .

8 – Hart of Dixie (new night)
9 – Beauty and the Beast (new night)
Analysis: I’m actually a big fan of this placement on the schedule.  Not only was it one of the few lineups I accurately predicted, but it should be a huge improvement over 90210 and Gossip Girl.  It won’t do huge numbers (especially against The Voice) but it should do well.

8 – The Originals (new)
9 – Supernatural (new night)
Analysis: I would have gone with Supernatural into The Originals, however, I can see why the CW went the other way.  I’ve seen some arguments that The Originals will have to face SHIELD, but I don’t see any audience overlap there and if it anything were to share the SHIELD audience, it’d be Supernatural.  The CW will make some big year to year gains here as well.

8 – Arrow
9 – The Tomorrow People (new)
Analysis: Another night I accurately predicted, wahoo!  Anyway, kudos to the CW for giving a new series a chance behind Arrow this season.  The Tomorrow People should be able to find an audience on a busy Wednesday night.  I don’t think it’ll be as strong as Supernatural, but it should do 0.6-0.7.

8 – The Vampire Diaries
9 – Reign (new)
Analysis: The CW has tried shows that on paper seem like a great fit for The Vampire Diaries lead out spot.  This time, they’re going with something completely different, so will the result be different too?  I actually like this pairing and can’t wait to see how they perform together.

8 – The Carrie Diaries (new night)
9 – America’s Next Top Model
Analysis: I think most predicted The Carrie Diaries would move to Fridays given its surprise renewal, so there is little surprise on its timeslot.  It should do better than Nikita and with America’s Next Top Model taking nearly a year long break, hopefully the numbers bounce back a bit.


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