2013-2014 Network Upfronts: The CW

It’s day four of our look at the network upfronts and today we move onto The CW.

The biggest surprise was renewing both The Carrie Diaries and Nikita, as well as picking up five new series.  With that, the network will have a full schedule and should be able to program all ten hours without having to place an encore on Fridays.

8 – Hart of Dixie
9 – Beauty and the Beast (new night)
Analysis: Hart of Dixie has done okay for itself on Mondays and because of that it seems unlikely the CW will move it.  I thought about placing Beauty and the Beast on Fridays, but I feel like it’d be a better fit on Mondays, especially with a similar-skewing lead in.

8 – Supernatural (new night and time)
9 – The 100 (new)
Analysis: Breaking up the Arrow/Supernatural pairing seems stupid, but there is no point in wasting a top series (Arrow) on a nine-year old series (Supernatural) especially when Supernatural is still strong.  Give it the lead-off spot and take that into The 100.

8 – Arrow
9 – The Tomorrow People (new)
Analysis: Arrow is the top series on the network, so give another new series a nice lead in.  The Tomorrow People really feels like it’ll fit well with Arrow.

8 – The Vampire Diaries
9 – The Originals (new)
Analysis: I think wasting The Vampire Diaries on The Originals is a bad idea, but I cannot see the CW not placing the two together.  If anything will finally hold the lead in of The Vampire Diaries, it would be the spinoff series.

8 – Nikita (final episodes)
9 – The Carrie Diaries (new night)
Analysis: Nikita can finish its short run and lead into The Carrie Diaries.  The two may not gel well together, but its better than placing encores on the night.  If the CW can make inroads on Monday-Thursday, their focus can shift to Fridays during midseason.


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