The NBC Television Tournament: Round Two

Round one is now complete!

With 39 votes cast, round one of the “Which NBC Thursday Night Comedy is Your All Time Favorite? tournament is now the most-voted in round of any Tonight on TV tournament!

Thank you to all who voted in round one and made this a huge success.  I could not do this tournament without you, the voters and readers of the blog.  Even if you do not read the information below, I am glad you took the time out of your busy day to vote!

Total votes: 39 (record)

Total upsets (defined as higher seed defeating a lower seed, e.g. 15 defeating 2): 2
Andy Barker, P.I. (#12) defeated Jesse (#5)
Fired Up (#10) defeated Joey (#7)

Biggest blowout:
Parks and Recreation (#7) crushed Out All Night (#10) by a margin of 97% to 3% – ouch!

Closet game(s):
Three-way tie with 51% to 49%
Andy Barker, P.I. (#12) vs. Jesse (#5)
Fired Up (#10) vs. Joey (#7)
Hope and Gloria (#7)  vs. Outsourced (#10)

Newest show still remaining:
Community (#8) (premiered in 2009)

Oldest show still remaining:
Gimme a Break! (#5) (premiered in 1981)
*Taxi premiered in 1978, but didn’t begin airing on NBC until 1982

Bold prediction for round two:
Parks and Recreation (#7) defeats The Cosby Show (#2) by a wide margin (around 60-40)

Safest bet:
Seinfeld (#1) takes down Day by Day (#8)

Results from Round One
30 Rock (95%) vs. Buffalo Bill (5%)
Suddenly Susan (72%) vs. The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (28%)
Veronica’s Closet (56%) vs. Good Morning, Miami! (44%)
The Naked Truth (69%) vs. Cursed / The Weber Show (31%)
Wings (77%) vs. Battery Park (23%)
Hope and Gloria (51%) vs. Outsourced (49%)
Mad About You (82%) vs. Leap of Faith (18%)

Community (85%) vs. Stark Raving Mad (15%)
Jesse (49%) vs. Andy Barker, P.I. (51%)
Caroline in the City (74%) vs. Rhythm & Blues (26%)
The Single Guy (62%) vs. Kath & Kim (38%)
Night Court (77%) vs. Coupling (23%)
Scrubs (85%) vs. Union Square (15%)
Family Ties (82%) vs. Four Kings (18%)

We Got it Made (67%) vs. Whitney (33%)
Gimme a Break! (59%) vs. Madman of the People (41%)
The Office (74%) vs. SNL Weekend Update Thursday (26%)
Taxi (64%) vs. Up All Night (36%)
Just Shoot Me (87%) vs. Daddio (13%)
Parks and Recreation (97%) vs. Out All Night (3%)
The Cosby Show (79%) vs. 1600 Penn (21%)

Day by Day (77%) vs. Grand (23%)
My Name is Earl (87%) vs. Perfect Couples (13%)
Dear John (64%) vs. Nothing in Common (36%)
Mama’s Family (64%) vs. Boston Common (36%)
Will and Grace (67%) vs. Inside Schwartz (33%)
Joey (49%) vs. Fired Up (51%)
A Different World (82%) vs. The Paul Reiser Show (18%)

Round two voting ended on March 24th, 2013 at 1:59:59pm.  The survey closed with 22 votes and to totals were published on the page entitled NBC Tournament: Sweet Sixteen.  The survey for round two is being left open for anyone who wishes to look, but any votes cast after the closing time are not included in the overall totals.  If you see a number reponse with anything other than 22, it means someone voted after the survey closed.  Thanks for your understanding!  – RJ

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