Which Returning Comedies are in their Final Season?

Today is part three of three in the comedy department poll.  The first two focused on the renewal and cancellation of new comedies, while the third and final one will focus on returning comedies.  Today’s poll question is simple, which of the returning comedies will NOT be back next season?  For this poll, you can select more than one choice.

Here are your choices:
The Simpsons (FOX; 23rd Season)
Family Guy (FOX; 10th Season)
Two and a Half Men (CBS; 9th Season)
The Office (NBC; 8th Season)
30 Rock (NBC; 6th Season)
Rules of Engagement (CBS; 6th Season)
Parks and Recreation (NBC; 4th Season)
Community (NBC; 3rd Season)
Cougar Town (ABC; 3rd Season)
The Middle (ABC; 3rd Season)
Modern Family (ABC; 3rd Season)

Bob’s Burgers (FOX; 2nd Season)
Happy Endings (ABC; 2nd Season)

Mike and Molly (CBS; 2nd Season)
Raising Hope (FOX; 2nd Season)

*The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show have already been renewed, so they are not included in the poll.


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