Which New Comedy Will Be Renewed First?

You voted for which new comedy will go first, and now its time to decide which will be renewed first.  You can intepret “renewal” anyway you want for this poll (i.e. first to get a full season order, first to be brought back for a second season).

Here are your choices (new fall comedies only):
Up All Night (premieres September 14th – NBC)
Free Agents (premieres September 14th – NBC)
2 Broke Girls (premieres September 19th – CBS)
New Girl (premieres September 20th – CBS)
Suburgatory (premieres September 21st – ABC)
Whitney (premieres September 22nd – NBC)
How to Be a Gentleman (premieres September 29th – CBS)
Last Man Standing (premieres October 11th – ABC)
Man Up! (premieres October 18th – ABC)
Allen Gregory (premieres October 30th – FOX)
I Hate My Teenage Daughter (premieres November 23rd – FOX)


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