Returning FOX Series

The question today asks which of the returning FOX series’ will not be back in Fall 2011.  So, which series is in it’s last season this year?  During the 2009-2010 television season, FOX axed three of their veteran series.  They were 24, Dollhouse, and ‘Til Death.  How many veteran series will be cancelled by FOX this season?  We will have to wait and see, but until then, what do you think will happen?

Here are your choices:
America’s Most Wanted
American Dad
American Idol
Family Guy
Hell’s Kitchen
Human Target
Kitchen Nightmares
Lie to Me
The Simpsons

*The Cleveland Show and Glee have been renewed though the 2011-2012 season, thus they are excluded from the poll.

Coming Tomorrow: The Final Poll!


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