Which Bubble Shows Should FOX Renew?

Honestly, I think FOX has one of the easiest jobs at mid-season. Why? Almost all of their shows have bombed, or done great. However, there are still a few shows that may or may not be cancelled. As of now the following shows will be back for sure next year: American Dad, American Idol, America’s Most Wanted, Cops, Family Guy, Fringe, Hells Kitchen, House, Kitchen Nightmares, The Simpsons, and ‘Til Death. These shows are on the bubble for next year: Bones, Lie to Me, and Secret Millionaire. Just to make the poll a bit more interesting, I added Dollhouse and Terminator: TSCC. That leads us to the question in the poll to the right, which bubble shows should FOX renew? You can choose as many options as you would like in this poll.

Bones – 20 (76%) Dollhouse – 8 (30%) Lie to Me – 15 (57%) Secret Millionaire – 3 (11%) Terminator: TSCC – 4 (15%)


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