TNT Announces Summer Dates

TNT has three new shows this summer, and three old ones will be returning. The three new shows are Wedding Day, HawthoRNe, and Dark Blue. Returning this summer to TNT is Saving Grace, Raising the Bar, and Leverage.

Mondays (Starting June 8th)
9:00 – The Closer
10:00 – Raising the Bar

Tuesdays (Starting June 16th)
8:00 – Wedding Day
9:00 – HawthoRNe
10:00 – Saving Grace

Wednesdays (Starting July 15th)
9:00 – Leverage
10:00 – Dark Blue

In my opinion, Tuesday nights will most likely be the weakest night of the three. Saving Grace saw a huge decline when airing without the lead in of The Closer. Plus two new shows will air before Saving Grace, is it the safest move? Maybe not, but let’s wait and see. Monday and Wednesday nights will be close as Raising the Bar and Dark Blue may be weak links in their timeslot. The Closer and Leverage should be able to do the best when they return. Check out the poll on the right for TWO new questions.



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