Which Bubble Shows Should NBC Renew?

Within a few weeks, networks will be making the decisions on which shows to keep. NBC will most likely have the toughest job with the 10pm hour going to Jay Leno.

With Law and Order: SVU, 30 Rock, The Office, Heroes, and The Biggest Loser coming back already, that takes 4-5 hours off the schedule (5 if The Biggest Loser remains 2 hours; Friday Night Lights not included as it will air during midseason). That leaves only 4-5 hours remaining from Monday-Friday.

NBC’s bubble shows include Chuck, Medium, My Name is Earl, and Law and Order. Also thrown onto the bubble list, you could include NBC’s two newest shows; Southland and Parks and Recreation.

Obviously NBC will have new shows next fall as well, so they don’t have many shows to keep. That leads us to the question in the poll to the right, which bubble shows should NBC renew? You can choose as many options as you would like in this poll.

Coming Soon: ABC

Chuck – 6 (60%) Law and Order – 8 (80%) Medium – 9 (90%)
My Name is Earl – 0 (0%)
Parks and Recreation – 5 (50%) Southland – 10 (100%)

*Everyone who voted predicted that Southland would be renewed, and you were right! On Friday night, NBC renewed Southland. Also renewed, was the freshman comedy, Parks & Recreation. It’s being reported that Chuck, Law and Order, and Medium were all renewed, but let’s wait for an official announcement. Rounding out the results, none of you thought My Name is Earl would be renewed, and it looks like you may all be right.


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